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Heavenly Realm is a multifaceted self publishing print-on-demand company offering services to the individual author as well as to the small to large business sector. The company was founded on the concept that manifesting your vision involves the visionary and the tools and resources to see it done. You are the visionary and we have the tools to get it done. We believe that there is a need for a publisher that will work personally with the author to produce their vision and make the publishing dream a reality. We keep no rights of your book, you retain all rights and are not bound to a binding contract. If this is your first book, or 91st book, we are here for you. We offer competitive pricing while providing professional high quality books. Our author advisers will work with you through out the entire publishing process. We will personally typeset, edit, design, and print your book. Free consultation and affordable payment plans are welcomed. 

Getting your manuscript into print is every writer’s dream, but the unfortunate truth is, getting published is TOUGH. Most publishing companies work at a snail’s pace and you are assigned a different customer service agent each time you call. They use inexperienced editors that their only interest seems to be to rip your manuscript to shreds (because they know best), and the publisher always take the lion’s share of the profits. Heavenly Realm Publishing is here for you and only want the best for you, your vision, and your book. 



When you publish with Heavenly Realm Publishing: 

*     You retain all the rights to your book

    You completely control the book design

*     You can receive one-on-one help with an Author Adviser without rush

*     You can receive our quick turn around on book publishing

    You can set the value of your work

    You can receive a paperback and hardback availability 

*     You can distribute and market your book worldwide (Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Books-A-Million, Borders)

    You can target your niche market

    You gain access to your audience

    You can earn royalties on every sale

*     Your book will never go out of print

*     You have access to around-the-clock customer support

*     You can be a part of our affordable payment plans



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Heavenly Realm’s Vision & Mission

Our Vision: To reach, expand, and enhance your vision. You embrace the reward. Great faith. Great favor. Great prosperity. Changing lives.


Our mission: To provide a customer service that will enhance the vision of all of those who become a part of this company. We will expand a broader knowledge and audience for our new incoming customers.




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