Books are hard to market especially if you are self publishing it yourself. When your book is not selling the way you would want it to, the thought of marketing it is the last thing on your mind. All you want to do is give up. But we say to you, do not give up. Hang in there, your time is on the way. We have provided below, several book conferences that will hopefully assist you step by step in marketing your book.



Writers’ Forum Ongoing Poetry Competition
Deadline: 15th of every month

Poets are invited to enter their unpublished poems for a competition to be held in each issue of Writers’ Forum. There will be a first prize of $100 and three runner-up prizes. All winners will be published in the magazine.


Freedom Writers & Book Publishing Conference 2011
The Freedom Writers & Book Publishing Conference 2011 was held in Houston, TX. It was sponsored by Heavenly Realm Publishing, and helped writers to acknowledge their book vision, provided writing tips, and valid publishing information.


National Book Club Conference Atlanta
National Book Club Conference, Inc., is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded by Curtis Bunn on the principles of promoting the wonder of books, both to adults and youths. Our commitment is unshakable to executing an annual literary event that places avid readers with a diverse collection of esteemed authors and new talent in an informal, fun environment. 


The Houston Hispanic Book Festival

The purpose of the Festival is to promote the local Hispanic book industry, which includes writers, publishers and self-publishers, book stores, and printers. It also seeks to enhance the reading habit among our Hispanic.




Heavenly Realm is so excited about our authors. We are one big family who cares about one another. You too can become a part of the family by coming on board with us! Our Community tells you what’s going on in our family of authors and how each authors vision is embracing its reward(s) and others in the community.



Author, Robert L. Destin is doing great things in the community. Check out below what he’s doing.



Robert, among many of our Authors at Heavenly Realm Publishing are doing great things to get the vision of their book out to the community and to the world.

Robert is an assistant principal at Crosby Middle School, and is also the author of the book, “I Think Myself Happy”.
It is about overcoming obstacles at an early age like he did. Ironically, he is now a school administrator where he was held back as a sixth grader and told he was not college material.

Holding two college degrees, Crosby Middle School assistant principal Robert L. Destin Jr. is no stranger to the writing involved in creating research papers, class reports, and lengthy essays.

His 261-page motivational memoir is turning heads and winning many young people to change and be motivated to think themselves happy.

Kudos to our Author, Keep doing great things!


His interview on FOX 26 News

His interview with The Baytown Sun News Paper

He revisits his Alumni, Prairie View A&M University Campus and debuts his book, HBCU DIGEST Highlights Author.


i think myself happy  -front

Purchase his book at Heavenly Realm Publishing eBook Store, Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, at Book-A-Million, and thousands more…