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Heavenly Realm understands that every author’s dream is to have a personal, finished copy of their published book on CD for personal memories. This is why we have created this option for each title at a cost of $175.






What the author receives in this option:

*     A CD-ROM copy of the published book in a pdf format. 

*     A pdf format of the author’s final book cover design. 

*     An email copy of the author’s final book in pdf format:
(With this option the author will only have the option to receive a CD-ROM copy or email version of the Digital Book CD. The Author does not receive both versions).


Note: Both versions, the published interior of book and book cover will be joined together on one CD-ROM
or formatted in an email version if chosen by author, and sent to the author via mail or email.

The Copyright watermark is enforced on the Digital Book CD for the Author’s protection.

$175 refers to a copy of soft cover, hard cover, and interior of book. For additional copies, there is an
additional charged of $75. (Additional copies are sold with original order and not sold separately, only
if needed.) Prices are the same whether sent by mail or email. Additional paperwork may apply.

Note: The Digital copy of the book will be shipped via UPS Ground or USPS  Service to the Author. We
will allow the author to add additional information to their CD at an additional cost. See an Author
Adviser for additional prices. 1-866-216-0696, EXT. 3

Stipulations and regulations apply to the Digital Book CD Services, please see your Author Adviser Representative for details before purchase.

Prices and changes may occur without written consent of the author.